Discover San Carlos City

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San Carlos City is one of the city in negros that you should discover of.  The nature and the ambiance of the environment, hospitable people, cheap and affordable hotels and restaurants and many more. You can easily be there by land, air or even by water transportation. Now San Carlos City is continue to developed the proof there is the coming Bio Energy (ETHANOL PLANT) which is operating this coming 2010. Many investors coming up. Some of the beautiful spots and beaches could make relax and enjoy while you are still there. During at night, you can hang out with your friends to Center Mall for jamming, drink out, local live bands. And some dating place like Peoples park, you can even have a picnic with your friends, and with your family. Discover also the beaches, the deep blue sea and clear sea water like a paradise and the natural resources of the place. And also you can even discover the history of the San Carlos City.


“Happy Fiesta”

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Another year of celebrating the Fiesta of St. Charles Borromeo, the sacred patron of San Carlos City. One week full of fun,happenings,colorful celebration. Every month of November, San Carlos City celebrates its annual fiesta.

Vamos! San Carlos

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San Carlos City now is continue blooming. The transportation,local business,many investors that we could say that San Carlos is now a developing city in Negros Occidental.

St. Charles Borromeo Cathedral

St. Charles Borromeo Cathedral