Festival (Pintaflores)

Each city in Negros Province, even outside Negros has its own celebration of their native culture. In San Carlos City, when November comes, people of San Carlos celebrates their Fiesta and ofcourse the main event would be the festival. Every month of November, they were celebrating Pintaflores Festival, a festival of Sunflower.

Pintaflores Festival

The Pintaflores Festival was born out of the city’s search for a cultural identity and tradition. Each city in negros province celebrates their own festival during fiesta. Sinulog of Cebu City, the MassKara Festival of Bacolod City and Ati-atihan at Aklan, and the City of Sunflower Festival also called as PintaFlores Festival.

The streetdancing and ritual competition highlights the event which held every Nov. 3-5. Colorful costumes, painted body of the dancers and the glamorous dancesteps given by their choreographer, with musical accompaniment add to the thrill of competition.

It features rhythmic dances and dance dramas of life and death and the triumph of good against evil that depict the people’s thanksgiving and merriment, abundant blessings and success. As part of the Pintados tradition, the faces, arms, bodies and legs of the dancers are painted with flowers to express gratitude to man and his environment.

Pintaflores streetdancing competition was categorized: the PINTAFLORES & PINTABATA.




Other highlight of the pintaflores was so called the “Pintalawas”. The whole-body of each contengent was wrapped by an artistic design painted by the artistic hand of painter. The design includes animals,nature, anything that goes with your imagination.


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